A tourist in my new town

My sister came to visit a couple of weeks ago, which was pretty good timing, since we’d just moved here and I was itching to do a bunch of touristy stuff in the area. After tooling around Berkeley for a couple of days, we got down to business and did some serious sight seeing.

One of my favorite places around here is the town of Saint Helena, up in the Napa Valley. After little discussion, it didn’t take us long to decide that a trip to wine country was in order, so we scooped up an east coast friend of mine in town for a visit and headed up toward Napa to hit up a few wineries (Heitz, Folie a Deux, and Cakebread– my longtime favorite).

After a morning of wine tasting, we definitely needed a snack and pulled into Taylor’s Automatic Refresher for burgers and shakes. Definitely worth a visit.

My favorite part of my sister’s visit might have been our trip up to the Muir Woods- the redwoods there are seriously incredible.

The best part of that trip might’ve been the drive itself- the views were stunning. Check out the Muir Beach overlook:


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