Vacation in Oakland

Happy hour is a concept that’s pretty foreign to me, having spent most of my life in a state that prohibits it under old blue laws. But I love a good deal (almost as much as I love a good cocktail), so lately I’ve been scouring the local happy hour scene for the best deals. I recently discovered Conga Lounge — a tiny tiki bar above Pizza Rustica in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood.

The place is totally decked out in tropical decor, with lots of vintage South Pacific paraphernalia and surf tunes on the iPod. I’m a sucker for anything having to do with vacation and tropical travels, so naturally I dug the scene (except for the god-awful Hawaiian shirts the staff was obviously forced to wear). Made me want to start planning Spring Break 2010 – assuming we’re fully employed by then.

During happy hour, the folks at the lounge serve up $5 Mai Tais. According to locals, the Mai Tai was invented in Oakland (clearly the tropical drink mecca), and there’s a group pushing for the city to name it the official drink of Oakland. So random.

Anyway, while the Conga Lounge is a bit cheesy (made even more so by the crowd that tends to patronize it), it’s a good place to kick back and have a tropical cocktail while dreaming of warmer climates, because after all, who doesn’t like vacation?


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