Last days of summer

This is such a weird time of year. Cool air has finally crept in during morning and evening hours, but days are still long and hot, and season confusion is pervasive. I’ve decided to try to embrace the summer – even though it is mid-September – for at least the next few days before I head to certain autumn in the Rocky Mountains (!) for a mini-high-school reunion of sorts.

Last weekend, a group of good friends headed down to Bald Head Island for a late-summer weekend. The beaches were surprisingly empty, despite the near-perfect weather, and we explored the somewhat deserted island without the summer hoards of families and babies.

Our dog Milo especially appreciated the uncrowded beaches, where he could swim and chase birds unleashed. Unfortunately, when there are other people (and dogs) around, he has a hard time focusing. We’re working on that.

I made one of The Minimalist’s 101 Simple Summer Salads the other night (cubed watermelon and tomato with basil and lime juice) and have been on a huge watermelon kick ever since. Watermelon is one of those things that just doesn’t seem right in the three other seasons, so I’ve gotta get it in while I can. Side note: this particular article by The Minimalist is amazing ā€” it’s my go-to for salads all summer (and sometimes spring and fall) long.


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