Sweater weather

WTF fall? 90 degrees to freezing? I am not a huge fan of winter, so this onslaught of cooler weather all of a sudden is a bit abrupt (ok, so it’s only been like 50 degrees in the morning, but you get the idea). I’ve been freezing my ass off on my morning walk to work, so sadly it’s time to bust out some layers (although to the lady with the ski hat, gloves and scarf walking downtown this morning, you are taking it a bit extreme).

Sweaters tend to evoke unfortunate sartorial memories of my early New England prep school days (yes, that was me in the orange striped J.Crew sweater, Gap jeans and Birkenstocks as I rolled up to my freshman dorm), so I try to steer clear whenever possible. But I hate being cold almost as much as I hate pictures of my 14-year-old self in Cosby sweaters, and luckily good old faithful shopbop came to the rescue the other day with this lookbook that arrived in my inbox and excellent selection of knitwear.

This sweater (by my beloved ADAM) makes me wanna slap on some skis and haul ass down the mountain (yeah right. wouldn’t look so cute in the hospital. i’ll stick to the fireside hot chocolate).

This Free People sweater is like the better, un-embellished version of some of the beasts I wore freshman year of high school. Still New England, but better.

I love stripes. I would totally rock this T by Alexander Wang sweater with some leggings, over-the-knee boots and chunky jewelry for a stroll through Paris’s Luxembourg Gardens . Or maybe just to walk the dog.

Ok, so maybe this sweater by Elizabeth and James is a little like something your grandma might’ve knitted for you, but I still dig it. And wouldn’t it look cute with a mini and clogs?


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