Halloween spirit

It was a pretty epic weekend here in good ol’ Chapel Thrill. We kicked off the festivities with a trip to the local Haunted Corn Maze, which I thought was pretty damn scary, since I almost peed myself about four times — thought that might have been due to the amount of red wine consumed out of plastic cups in line. Also the drive out there was a little like a scene out of Deliverance. Seriously though, zombies running through cornfields with chain saws are terrifying.

We also got in some good tailgating before the game on Saturday. I did not pose this football. Seriously. But yes, he is cute.

Kickass Halloween party Saturday night, complete with bonfires, bands and a creepy bunny.

Since I have been known to dig a good fire (but am inexplicably unable to build one), I should’ve paid more attention to the fire building than beer drinking, since the bonfire at the party was pretty badass. Not that it ever fizzled, but if it ever started to look less than enormous, boys would disappear into the woods on four-wheelers and reappear dragging fallen trees to feed the beast. My kinda party.

Moments like these make me really heart Carolina.


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