Ahem, nature

Just about the only time when I find it acceptable for spring weather to turn cold is just before I head off on vacation somewhere warm(er). Why? Because of that nanny-nanny-boo-boo feeling it gives me when waving goodbye to my local pals. Yes, I am sweet. My colleagues especially appreciate it. But I digress. Getting dressed for cool days when the past few weeks have been decidedly spring-like is really annoying. Get with it, Mother Nature. Our heat has been off for months now, so hopping out of the shower and putting together an outfit really turns more into throwing on the nearest cozy-looking item, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Splendid striped sweatshirt, Current/Elliott skinny jeans, Dolce Vita oxfords

I find that stripes tend to evoke that springy feeling, pretty much regardless of their form, thanks to that I-just-hopped-off-my-sailboat quality. Luckily for days like this one, I’ve got pretty much every striped form of clothing known to woman. I blame North Carolina. I traded my resurrected sandals for oxfords and whaddyaknow? Could be fall, but more likely spring.


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