Music festing

Madewell shorts, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent sandals, H&M tank, Marc Jacobs sunnies, Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, Mulberry bag

It’s no secret that I’ve been planning a trip to Coachella for the past few years now, but somehow the rapid-fire of weddings that plagues us late twenty-somethings has consistently prevented that awesomeness from happening (yes, even this year, with the addition of the second weekend).

Well it may be no Indio, but here in the Carolina Piedmont we’ve got our own little homegrown music festival. Sure, there are no swanky pool parties, Snoop Dogg or palm trees, but we’ve got plenty of sunshine, afternoon beer and a damn good group of musicians. Makes for a great excuse to bust out your best festival garb, slog through the post-thunder shower mud and grab a patch of grass. And it’s a pretty good stop on the way to the next wedding party.


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