On the hunt for: Mirrored Shades

So I had this great pair of mirrored shades that were basically awesome. I’m kinda (really) into sunglasses and tend to rotate them on a regular basis, but these became pretty much the only pair I’d wear for a solid five months. Anyway, guess what’s bad for the mirrored coating on sunglasses? Sunscreen. That’s right – the stuff you tend to wear while in the sun like, you know, sunglasses. To get to the point, my sunscreen rubbed a patch off the mirrored coating on my sunglasses, and they are now ridiculous.

And yes, I could go buy them again, but let’s be honest: Our moment is over. Time to move on. But while I was wearing the aforementioned sunglasses, I discovered all the great things that mirrored shades have to offer, namely that people have absolutely no idea where you’re looking, and that you catch people checking themselves out in your glasses all the time, which is pretty amusing. Also just generally feeling like a badass from the ’80s.

So who will be my next great eyewear love?

Clockwise, from upper left:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mirrored Aviators
Super Sunglasses Basic Wayfarers
Freeway L.A. Rays Sunglasses
Sabre Heart Breaker

All images owned by their respective linked sources


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