Wedding season

Alice + Olivia wrap dress, Loeffler Randall heels, Laundry clutch

As I indicated in Tuesday’s post, we headed to our first wedding of the season this past weekend in Chapel Hill. The first of the season always has a clear advantage over weddings to follow – everyone’s super excited to see each other (making for a great party), and the annual wedding investment has just begun (making for great presents). This particular wedding did not disappoint – it was set in a beautiful old stone amphitheater on the UNC campus, followed by a reception at a nearby historic inn where we boogied til past midnight.

I found this Alice + Olivia dress a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love, and figured it would go perfectly with the somewhat ethereal setting. I’m a big fan of long dresses for non-black tie occasions – I think they can stand out in a sea of cocktail dresses in a way that’s not super formal, given appropriate accessories (and for black tie parties, they transition easily). It’s a good thing we took these photos early though, since after a few celebratory glasses of champy, there may or may not have been a couple of spills. Oops.


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