Casual whites

Maison Scotch tank, Bop Basics shorts, Minnetonka boots, Marc Jacobs sunnies

While I love getting dressed up for an occasion, things are pretty casual around here about 90 percent of the time (and 8 percent of the remainder, I’m hopelessly lazy). An all-white ensemble is definitely an easy summer go-to for me, but generally in a I-hope-this-is-instantly-chic-and-I-don’t-spill-my-coffee way. I recently got this tank (can’t resist a nautical theme) and decided to take white a different direction for a super casual look. Since my Sundays often involve trips to the grocery store and long dog walks (as this one did), a go-to casual take will likely come in pretty handy.

We headed up to my favorite local meadow (about which James Taylor once waxed poetic in his song “Copperline”) to take Milo for a little hike, and though it was misty and gray, it was actually pretty beautiful and nicely deserted. Not to say that I’m ok with all the rain we’ve been getting lately – enough already, nature.


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