Pops of neon

Ok, ok – I know everyone is getting tired of neon. But you know what? I’m not. I can’t get enough of it. I was reminded of this yesterday when one of my favorite bloggers discussed her love of the return of neon, noting particular affection for it given her status as a child of the ’80s. Possessionista’s got an awesome collaboration going on with LaSoula expressing that love of neon – and diamonds (see below, number 8. And remember that my birthday is just around the corner). Anyway, I too was a child of the ’80s and am seriously digging the bright accents cropping up everywhere, so I figured I’d share a couple with y’all, though there are so many awesome pops of electric color floating around the interwebs right now that it was hard to select just a few.

1. Charles Philip Shanghai neon brights flat
2. Clare Vivier neon stripe flat clutch
3. Basta Surf Zunzal bungee bikini
4. Pura Vida bracelet hair ties
5. Blue Life tee dress
6. Zara necklace
7. Sparkle & Fade neon mini skirt
8. La Soula Little Wish neon/diamond necklace/wrap bracelet
9. Bruna ombre clutch
10. J. Brand neon twill mid-rise pant
11. Rebecca Minkoff Baha flat sandals

(Friend Sarah and my tribute to neon. Dang)


14 thoughts on “Pops of neon

  1. I too, am a product of the 80’s. Seems like this trend has been going on for some time – I have a couple Kate Spade items I bought in 2008 that I miraculously held on to! Remember when metallic made its debut back in the early aughts? Well, metallic is like just a “color” now. So maybe neon will stick too! I love it and can’t seem to tire of it… In fact, think I’m going to paint my nails bright neon pink this weekend in celebration!

    Love your inspiration board by the way! That backless pink dress and those sandals – hmmm… just might have to be mine!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Ahh cute shirts. That picture looks so quintessentially summerish – I love the lighting.

    I seriously used to HATE neon, can you believe it? But slowly it’s growing on me, and I can honestly say that I love love love the Clare Vivier neon stripe flat clutch you posted above. I think the key for me is that it has to somehow be balanced out. Only on rare occasion do I like an outfit completely dominated by neon – though I have done so.

    Maybe it’s ’cause I’m a 1990-born child. 80’s might not be in my blood. That being said, I’m open to an infusion 😉

    Great items you picked out here.


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