Christian Louboutin Mater Claude heels, Yanuk boyfriend jeans (really old), BDG tank, shawl knitted by my grandmother

One of the things that gets talked about often in fashion is balance – wearing high-end with low end, tight tops with loose bottoms, tight bottoms with loose tops, neons with neutrals – you get the idea. When boyfriend jeans came back a few years ago, I was skeptical at best, but then our fashion-forward leaders started pairing them with fabulous shoes, and I started buying in – I think that’s because I dig balance.

We got back into town Sunday evening after a morning of paddle-boarding and a three-hour drive back from the coast and I was exhausted, so dinner out was in order. My lack of energy also contributed to my lack of desire to put much effort into an outfit, and I found myself digging through my stack of jeans for my most comfortable pair. What I like about outfits like these – pretty much as simple as they come – is they can be instantly elevated with a chic shoe, providing a nice balance to an otherwise lazy ensemble. And balance is something we can all use a little more of, especially when teetering on stilettos, right?

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