Weekend details

Best time of day on the beach (Zara coverup)

Headed down to Bald Head Island (at North Carolina’s Cape Fear) for another lovely (long) weekend on the coast. My work schedule doesn’t allow for me to take Monday holidays off (yes, lame), so I took Friday off instead so I could still enjoy a three-day weekend, and I definitely did lots of enjoying. The water’s really starting to warm up here so I spent a ton of time in the ocean and am pretty sure I still haven’t rinsed off all the salt yet.

How was your weekend? I’m guessing the weekend still hasn’t ended for most of y’all, so I hope you’re soaking up some serious summer right about now.

Neon has made its way into my workouts via my new running shoes

Carolina blue surfing

A cocktail hour surprise

Milo and the Surfer Dude lamenting the lack of waves

Navy stripes + red toes

Morning bike riding (Elizabeth and James tank, Mango bikini, Marc Jacobs shades)


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