Coral daisies

Free People Fitted With Daisies dress, K. Jacques sandals

I tend to gravitate toward easy looks – could be my style, but more likely it’s laziness – so when I find dresses that pack lots of little details into one item, it’s an easy sell. I came across this dress a few months ago when things were still pretty cold around here, and it was all I could do not to bust this baby out in chilly temperatures. Good thing I restrained, since the cutout design at the midriff would have made things a bit – ahem – airish. Anyway, now that sultry (read: swamp-like) weather has set in, it’ s perfectly appropriate – and the details are cute enough that I think I can get away with not putting effort into much else.

We shot these during a pre-dinner mini-exploration of the the outskirts of the sandy maritime forest on Bald Head Island this weekend, and I’m pretty sure the fauna appreciated the details too.


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