All tied up

BDG button-down (similar), J.Crew skirt, Dolce Vita Mini oxfords, Mulberry Oversized Alexa bag, Gucci sunglasses

As much as I whine about it, there is an upside to going to work on days when the rest of the country is on vacation, like I did on Monday. I usually walk to work, and it’s nice to start my day with a stroll through a peaceful, sleepy, on-vacation town; it really sets a nice vibe for the day ahead. Moreover, as someone who gets a crap-ton of phone calls and emails, it’s nice to have a day of relative reprieve from that.

But more importantly, I can wear pretty much whatever I want (a huge plus in steamy summer months) – enter short skirts and midriff-baring tops. My grandmother would be horrified. But if her ghost had happened to pop into the office on Monday, I could’ve quickly untied the shirt, tucked it in, and maintained some semblance of office formality. Split-second versatility=bonus!


14 thoughts on “All tied up

  1. I love the details in your outfit, like the pink soles of your shoes! This is such a cute work outfit

    Stop by!

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