On the hunt for: Tropical everything

I’m a firm believer that if you can’t go on vacation, you should at least be able to bring a little vacation to you. And as a big fan of vacation in general, I’ve been really digging this tropical-print trend that’s been popping up everywhere. Who doesn’t love prints that elicit thoughts of strolling beneath swaying palm trees whilst sipping mai tais? Vacation-haters, that’s who. (And let’s be honest: People who don’t like travel make me nervous.) So let’s all raise a tropical beverage and toast this lovely trend and accept it for what it is: tropical, brightly colored, somewhat tacky awesomeness.

Clockwise, from left:
Miss Selfridge Tropical Print Maxi Dress
Proenza Schouler printed canvas PS1 clutch (my birthday is in exactly 17 days, and you’re in luck – it’s on sale!)
Zara flippy skirt
Zara fabric sandal
Topshop turquoise leaf triangle bikini


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