Weekend details

Farmer’s market sunflowers with Milo (Ella Moss Prima Donna Maxi Skirt, ADA belt)

The past couple of days felt like a classic summer weekend, complete with a trip to the farmers’ market, fresh flowers, porch wine and an outdoor birthday party down on the coast. And it was full of summer’s colors – in the landscape, the rapidly increasing selection at the market and the meals we enjoyed. This week as the Monday to Friday grind gets going, I’m vowing to make an effort to slow down a bit and draw on those things for inspiration, since after all, it is summertime, and the living should be a bit easier.

Dockwalking with buddies

Fresh pasta

The perfect summer sandals, as worn by friend Stone

Dude pastels (Levi’s Post Flat Front shorts, Benetton button-down)

Tomato season has begun at our local market

Pink rosé and Caroline’s green skirt make for a lovely colorway


18 thoughts on “Weekend details

  1. “…summertime and the living should be easier” ….don’t say that to roofing crews, asphalt pavers or construction workers…ya get my drift. Living couldn’t get much easier (dockwalking) as what I see in these marvelous photos. Is that you behind the lens? Keep it up.

    • you are right – the weekends are indeed quite easy living. gotta remind myself of those moments though when i’m on deadline covering a meeting at midnight on a monday! much respect to the asphalt pavers/construction workers/the like.

  2. I really love every single thing about this post. The lighting in these pictures perfectly embodies \”summertime\” – and it\’s yellow glow is so incredibly calming.

    Those ARE the PERFECT sandals! Where did your friend get those? And porch wine sounds so fantastic mmm.

    That picture of you and your dog is so gorgeous for so many reasons. It just comes across as so natural, and of course your outfit is PERFECTION. I need a skirt like that – and I really love how you\’ve belted it. Though I may love your dog\’s expression even more.

    Ohhh goodness. Homemade pasta looks delish. You look like you\’re getting your summer off to a marvelous start.


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