Seaside neon

Sparkle & Fade neon mini skirt, Theory top, Dolce Vita sandals, vintage lockets

I first tracked down this skirt in electric blue a few weeks ago when I was compiling an ever-growing list of wanted neon items, and eventually I headed to the nearest Urban Outfitters to pick it up. But in person, the electric blue just wasn’t neon enough – and I’m a firm believer that if you’re gonna go neon, you’ve gotta go spot-me-across-an-enormous-field-at-midnight neon. Go big or go home, right? Anyway, this neon yellow version – exactly the color of a tennis ball – was just the ticket, and I scooped it up without hesitation.

I paired it with some neon pink nails for a seaside birthday party this weekend, and while it certainly fit the party-attire bill, it came with the added bonus that if I’d happened to fall off the dock and begun to float away, my fellow revelers could’ve easily tracked me down.

14 thoughts on “Seaside neon

    • Thanks! Because it’s got an elastic waistband, I think you could wear it lower on your hips and it would be fine for school.

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