Weekend details

Channeling watermelon (Anthropologie skirt, Handmade LA tank)

It was a pretty glorious weekend here in NC (and I kind of can’t believe it’s time to start another work week). On Friday afternoon, we headed up to Hanging Rock State Park where we set up camp for the night, cooked a lovely campsite meal of turkey burgers, green & yellow beans and s’mores (duh), and woke up bright and early the next morning for a hike up to Hanging Rock. Sadly, our camera was uncharged, and I have no pictures to prove it, but the views were ridic. If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, I highly recommend it. Be sure to stop at the Main Street Diner and Dairy Bar in Walnut Cove on your way home for a post-hike milkshake.

On top of all that, yesterday was my birthday, which I celebrated with several indulgent meals, delicious cocktails and QT with my family. All in all, a pretty great start to a new year.

How was your weekend?

Farmers’ market beans on the camp stove

Marshmallow-roasting prep

Makers+mint+fresh-squeezed lemonade at birthday brunch

Birthday pecan tart at Watts Grocery


16 thoughts on “Weekend details

  1. Saturday was yardwork around CLub Bobaloo. Can you believe it. Mid-June and we’re just getting a go at this lot. Sunday out to Frog Holler for sunning, pooling, fishing and all the other fun things you can do out there under the whispering pines and chiggers. I couldn’t get Anna to ride Charlotte’s new donkey, Romeo. Oddly enough only music that was played was through Ronnie stereo speakers. Check my facebook…I’ll try to get the pictures posted tonight but right now it’s SOCCER UEFA!!!!!! With this blog it’s neat to see how you’ve grown up!

  2. Well the pond is down but they have put in a pool and a three car garage with play room above that holds pool table, baby grand piano, a sound system, a bar and some gym equipment along the walls. July 7th is the next soiree. It’s the annual July Jam. Bring your bongos and fishing rods. Everyone welcomed.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great time!!! You look so pretty in those neon colors! I love the bright color of that maxi!

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