Weekend details

Beach reading

Though we had a warm winter and spring, the start of summer was pretty mild (read: 80 degrees) here in North Cackalack, but sometime in the past week, whoever’d forgotten to turn the heat on all of a sudden remembered the error and cranked it up to high. From about mid-June through September, it’s imperative to head east til you reach ocean as often as possible, and I took this creed to heart this weekend and we made our way down to Emerald Isle on North Carolina’s Bogue Banks. I’ve been making an effort to turn off – really disconnect – from the various media pulling me in different directions on the weekends, and I’m proud to say I somewhat succeeded at this the past couple of days by making almost zero plans, spending more time with my nose in a book than looking at a screen, and ticking some items off my summer to-do list.

Friday night deliciousness via Indian Beach’s Big Oak

Working on my summer to-do list with this week’s sangria – pear basil (made this recipe but subbed pear for peach)

Beach walking

Red wine+onion rings=yes.

An amazing discovery – the matching fleeces of my husband and his dad, circa 1993

Sunday night sidewalk dining


10 thoughts on “Weekend details

  1. I fully support and relate to your desire to “disconnect” from media on the weekends. I often find myself so caught up on the internet- facebook, twitter, blogging, etc- that I find myself not truly enjoying and being present for all of the amazing things happening around me. Good for you for finding time to disconnect!

    Looks like you had a great weekend- yummy drinks, food, beach time, and one heck of a find with those 1990’s fleece. haha. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend 🙂 I’ve never had a sangria with basil in it, but the combo sounds so summery and refreshing. I definitely need more unplugged weekends!

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