Weekend Details

Nighttime in nearby Saxapahaw

As expected, things were seriously steamy – and I don’t mean in the exciting way – around here this weekend. North Carolina is typically pretty  hot in the summer, but this is just getting absurd. Accordingly, I didn’t go outside much (except after dark, and even then it was ridiculous). We did take a little drive out in the country to a little mill town on the nearby Haw River, which proved to be a not-too-sweltering evening trip. Hopefully things will start to cool off a bit soon, because holing up inside for the duration just isn’t an option.

If I can make it through the next couple of days, we’re headed down to the coast on the 4th for a nice mini-vacay – so I’m keeping my eye on the prize.

Yeah, so that happened

My favorite summer salad – watermelon+tomatoes+basil+lime juice

A gift from mom’s jewelry box – my favorite “new” earrings

Digging through my purse for lip gloss, I realized I have six various lip options in one bag. Excessive?

More tomatoes – one reason to love the heat and this time of year


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