Weekend Details

Sea oats at golden hour

It’s always tough getting back to work after a weekend, and especially so after an extra-long weekend – but I really shouldn’t complain. I took the end of last week off to extend my weekend and celebrate the Fourth, and got in some serious R&R down at the beach. I also worked on my summer to-do list item of getting better at surfing, and ate a fair amount of sand and seawater as a result (and am still shaking water out of my ears), but had a good time in the process anyway.

Hope you all had some nice relaxing moments, too. Happy Monday!

Late-night beach bar

Boating with Milo

Channeling the tropics on my new shirt (on mega sale at Anthropologie)

A breezy seaside spot

Surfing with Milo

Neon windows back in town

Sunday night Mediterranean sidewalk feast

5 thoughts on “Weekend Details

  1. Looks like you had yourself a perfect little summer weekend! Way to go for checking off items on your summer to-do list (learning to surf has always been on mine, too!) and Milo is such a cutie! Happy Monday to you, too!

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