July Cravings

There comes a moment every season when your wardrobe just starts to seem to feel a bit, well, tired, and being that it’s mid-July, it’s about that time. Don’t get me wrong – I still think summer reigns superior and I will always gladly choose a summer ensemble over that of another season on any given day, but as with any season, at a certain point we can all use a little refresher. Here are just a few things I’d like to refresh my closet with right about now.

Clockwise, from upper left:
Topshop long pleated cami tunic
Alexander Wang Lina 2 piece pumps
Matthew Williamson cat eye sunglasses
Dolce Vita Valentina dress
Han Kjobenhavn timeless sunglasses
The Ropes chubby bracelet


20 thoughts on “July Cravings

  1. you know you could *totally* DIY that bracelet! i know for a fact that you can purchase most of the requirements at Home Depot! Also those sunglasses made me swoon until I saw the price… help a sistah out with a knock off?

  2. LOVE that little bracelet. Everything about it is perfect. The perfect colors, the perfect mix of metal and cloth, the perfect size, chunkiness – everything.

    And you should totally look at the blog “Tuula” if you love the Dolce Vita dress (you probably already know it)./ She’s always wearing Lover lace dresses just like that and in totally exceptional lighting conditions and foreign cultures.

    Great pics. I can see them all working together – lovin’ the soft summer vibe.


    • I do read Tuula and I’ve been loving those Lover dresses she’s been wearing lately, and I totally thought of that when I spotted the Dolce Vita dress – love that that’s what you thought of too. Great minds think alike, obvs.

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