Weekend Details

Saturday afternoon ice cream in a deserted nearby town

Sometimes those weekends spent at home with few plans are the best. Other than a concert Friday night, I had very little on the agenda for the past couple of days, which is really my favorite kind of weekend – don’t tell anyone. I’m headed out of town for the bachelorette celebration of one of my best amigas next weekend, and it’s sure to be the best kind of fun but anything but relaxing, so I spent this weekend recharging my batteries and catching up on sleep in preparation.

I also spent a good chunk of time indulging in the flavors of summer – strawberry ice cream, watermelon and about a zillion varieties of tomatoes, to be exact.

Watermelon mojitos (recipe here, via Design Crush)

The annual tomato celebration at our local farmers’ market

Best Coast at Cat’s Cradle

Perfect Sunday night meal – prosciutto+melon, baguette+rougette and rose

And since I’ve been jamming to Best Coast nonstop since the show, I will invite you, too, to jam out:


8 thoughts on “Weekend Details

  1. love this! you were right by me!! the depot is over in my neck of the woods!! 🙂 🙂 and i love seeing shows at cat’s cradle. such a fun venue! 🙂 happy monday, susie!! BTW: you should totally come link up to #YOLOmondays today if you want!

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