Weekend Details

Prepping for a river swim (L*Space Audrey bikini)

The heat drove me in search of water to swim in (without heading east for the coast) this weekend, and I was successful. We headed south of town to the nearby Haw River, which was moving pretty nicely given the crazy thunderstorms we’ve had lately. Traipsing through tall grass to get there was a little nerve-wracking, though, given that I’d just edited a piece on copperhead snakes for my day job – luckily, we emerged un-snakebitten. Other weekend highlights included not-quite mai tais, a burnt blueberry cobbler (baking is not my strong suit) and dinner by candlelight at a local restaurant when storms knocked out the power. 

The not-so mighty Haw River

Dam-walking with Milo

A mai tai disguised as a mint julep

A cool vintage surf poster at a new local bar
By the way, I’m linking up with Molly of Still Being Molly today, so be sure to check out her awesome blog!

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