Pink stripes

Lani striped top, American Apparel tulip skirt, 80%20 Rina boots, Marc Jacobs shades, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse

I know that hardly a week goes by without me posting something having to do with stripes, but what can I say – I’m an addict. I got this top as a birthday gift and while my first inclination was to wear it untucked with denim cutoffs and flowy maxi skirts, I decided to mix it up a bit and pair it with a high-waisted mini. I have to say, though – the whole loose-vented-sleeves thing is way more effective in keeping cool when not tucked in, so I may be reverting soon.


12 thoughts on “Pink stripes

  1. I cannot blame you, stripes are amazing and it seems they can be paired with anything these days. The open sleeves are both intriguing and practical.


  2. Love the striped top! And really love the way you chose to wear it as well. I think the top is definitely one of those pieces you can wear with so many things—so I’m sure you can wear it over and over with denim & maxi skirts as well! It will be great for layering as well. And I really love the little charm (?) bracelet. So pretty.

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    A’s Fashion Files
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