Patterson J. Kincaid dress (similar), Topshop dress (worn as bottom layer), K. Jacques sandals, Mulberry oversized Alexa bag, vintage lockets, Chloe shades

Is it me, or has this been an awfully long week already? Seems like it should’ve been Friday about two days ago by my count. One of those weeks, I guess.

I’ve started to notice that I go through some serious phases with clothes – lately it’s all been about button-downs. Do you find yourself going through phases with your closet?


11 thoughts on “Shirt-dressing

  1. Totally know what you mean about the wardrobe phases! Before I moved to FL it was all about neon colors, now I’m into printed tops and maxi dresses. I also find that whenever I shop, I stick to a particular color family each time…I’m weird!

    Love this outfit, shirt dresses/button downs are so cute. 🙂


  2. I go through phases all the time with my wardrobe…most of the time I’m in a “I have nothing to wear” phase! haha! I love the button down look, and the shirt dress style is so pretty!
    A’s Fashion Files

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