Weekend Details

Long-forgotten summer scarves

The past few days were just what the doctor ordered – relaxing, filled with time spent outdoors and without much on the agenda. We had the faintest hint of cool(ish) weather Saturday evening after a ginormous storm (soon forgotten when the heat set quickly back in), and I have to admit that as much as I am a summer child, it wasn’t totally unappreciated. I’d almost forgotten what long pants feel like, and my stack of jeans had gotten awfully lonely.

So who’s excited that it’s Monday?

A cool tree encountered on a long hike with Milo and friends

Essie “Mesmerized” layered with “Shine of the Times

An awesome Saturday afternoon BLT

I have officially rediscovered the glory of sparkling water

Opened this treat Saturday night for no reason at all – the best kind of celebration, duh


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