Weekend Details

One of the great joys of camping

I haven’t been doing so well on my summer to-do list  thus far, but at least I’ve now doubly succeeded on the camping portion with not one but two camping trips under my belt. Saturday morning we headed up to Shortoff Mountain at the edge of the Linville Gorge with Milo and friends, and despite the overnight rain that almost carried us away (not really), it was such a very, very cool little excursion with fireside wine, s’mores and sweeping views of the gorge. It was quite the contrast from my previous couple of days, which were spent in work meetings and at the very fun launch party for TriFABB, where I was able to connect with other area bloggers and do a little shopping.

On an (unsuccessful) search for a swimming hole

Cliffside camping with Milo

A new ring and a Friday afternoon desk snack

The TriFABB launch party at fab’rik


17 thoughts on “Weekend Details

  1. I am now craving a smore…they have got to be one of my favorite things! I’m hoping to go camping soon once the humidity dies down in FL…this makes me want to go even more! Looks like you had a blast at the TriFABB launch too. 🙂


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