Simple Summer

Fab’rik top, Paige Jimmy Jimmy shorts, Clare Vivier Neon Stripe Clutch, 80%20 Rina Boots, Gucci Sunglasses

Sometimes a basic tank and shorts is all you need – or at least all you have energy for. The best kinds come in stripes.


25 thoughts on “Simple Summer

  1. Cute outfit – I especially love the top!

    Also – I am always amazed about all the different scenery you show there in North Carolina…the beach, mountains, corn fields…you’ve got it all there!

  2. This outfit screams summer, I love it 🙂 I am the same as you, sometimes I just want to throw on something simple and lightweight because I don’t have the energy to do something else. I love this outfit and those boots are adorable!


  3. Susie. you look so so so so pretty. You have such a natural beauty, that honestly you could probably wear a burlap sac and still look gorgeous, so this outfit really puts you over the top.

    I love how the green in your shirt matches the scenery, and the neon stripe on that clutch adds the perfect amount of KA BANG to the outfit.

    I want a close up of those boots, because I have a feeling that they are totally drool worthy. Love a natural leather shoe, and it’s the perfect setting for them!

    Can you give me advice on bangs. Should I get!? (I know I know, so shit fashion girls say) Are they too much upkeep. They just look so damn good on you I want some for myself!


  4. Love that slouchy neon accent clutch! I’ve been looking all over for just the perfect neon accessory and that clutch sure comes pretty close.

  5. Susie- this is the perfect summer casual look. I love the simple striped tank and the fun clutch. This entire summer I have lived in my cuffed jean shorts, so of course I’m loving those too! Xo Amber

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