Bermuda Triangles

Free People Bermuda Triangle tank, Otis & Maclain skirt, Dolce Vita wedges, Mulberry Oversized Alexa bag, Gucci sunglasses, Jewelmint Cleopatra Cabachon earrings

So my love for (obsession with) all things neon has clearly not yet subsided, as I recently spotted this tank’s neon triangular appliques from across a boutique and beelined. Can we please bring neon with us into fall? I’m gonna go with yes.

Another thing of note about this outfit: When I was anywhere from, say, talking age to about 10 years old, I would have nothing to do with any and all things pink or purple and preferred to stick with my trusted blues, greens and browns. My 8-year-old self would be horrified at my current state.


17 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangles

  1. Love the top! Aren’t kids funny about what they wear? When I was little until the time I was in middle school, I would not wear jeans. It was leggings all the time!

  2. I recently became a fan of neons and I will gladly bring them into fall with you! I couldn’t be forced into wearing pink or a dress when I was younger, but now…oh boy. haha!

  3. It’s funny how our style evolves over time, huh? I used to own 1 pair of heels and saw absolutely no reason to own any (even wedges) when I was younger. My younger self would probably be pretty shocked at my closet full of pumps, wedges and heeled booties now! And yes, neon can definitely stick around through fall. Love this outfit and the tulip skirt!


  4. Neon for President! – Eh worth a try right?
    I’m totally in agreeance with neon coming into the fall. Love this outfit, to me it’s a perfect mix of end of summer pre-fall.

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