Weekend Details

The bride wore a 129-year-old wedding dress worn by women in five generations of her family.

I spent this past weekend at another wedding, this time up in Newfound Lake, New Hampshire, set by the bride’s family’s home along the shores of a New England lake. There were moments at which it felt as if it could’ve been 100 years earlier, as there was so much family history integral to this celebration. The bride wore a dress first worn by a woman in her family in 1883, becoming the eighth woman in five generations to wear it, and the lakeside compound that served as the setting echoed with decades of family history. All in all, a beautiful, meaningful and awesomely fun wedding

Stones served as a way for guests to find their seats, with table numbers on one side and names on the other.

An intimate rehearsal dinner on the family home’s expansive porch

A mink for the bride in event of cool weather, borrowed from one of the bridesmaids (it was her great-grandmother’s)

Had to share this ridiculous dance floor moment – my husband is really into dancing.

Wedding flowers the morning after

A spectacular lakeside sunset

By the way, linking up with Molly of Still Being Molly today – be sure to pay her a visit!.


15 thoughts on “Weekend Details

  1. I love these photos – looks like a lovely wedding & weekend. I love the dress – I think it’s beautiful! I’m curious – did she wear it all night or change for the reception?

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