Weekend Details

Post-closet purge

I spent this weekend in the most un-glamourous yet satisfying of ways – cleaning, organizing and purging our townhouse, but namely my closet/dresser/etc. There’s something about getting rid of old stuff that just feels so awesome – and it makes me wonder how some of these ill-fitting/stained/heinous things (that I haven’t worn in years) have managed to stick around so long, somehow making it through previous organizations and closet purges. Nonetheless, it’s pretty sweet to clear up some space so I can actually find the things I love and get some use out of them.

The results of a successful closet purge

My childhood bathroom soapdish reborn as earring storage

Oliver Peoples Daddy B shades – my recent eyewear acquisition that has introduced me to the awesomeness that is polarized lenses

My family’s tartan via a scarf purchased for last weekend’s “tartan-optional” rehearsal dinner – I didn’t end up wearing it to the dinner (husband did!) but I’ll be glad to work it into my fall repertoire.


19 thoughts on “Weekend Details

  1. I always feel so accomplished after a closet clean out and usually discover tons of pieces that I forgot I had since they were buried under unworn clothing. Hope your week starts off wonderfully.

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