Wall Style

Feeling a bit uninspired around the ranch lately, and am thinking our walls could use a bit of a facelift – or at least some re-accessorizing. In my perusal of the online art selection, I’ve been pinning the prints that catch my eye, and I’ve begun to notice a bit of a pattern – not in the style of the art I like, but rather in the subject matter, since each of the above represents something near and dear to my heart. Makes sense though – shouldn’t we be surrounded by what we love?


9 thoughts on “Wall Style

  1. I love the heart map – that’s such a cute idea and a fun DIY! And yes, you should definitely choose pieces that represent things you love – it not only makes your home feel more personal, but it also makes for a unique collection. We decorated our house with things from both John and I’s interests (both together and separate) and it makes for a great mix!


  2. Totally. We totally should. You’ve got such awesome taste, too. Each one of these is playful, but classy in a way as well.

    I really like the Palm trees one. IT gives off a carefree vibe, but the yellowish hue is vintage and refined at the same time.

    I hope you end up buying these and take some pics of your decorations!


  3. Love these! The top left is my favorite! I don’t know if you follow me on instagram, but a few weeks ago I posted a photo of something similar I made where I made small hearts of the maps from the countries my husband and I had traveled to together and then framed them. It turned out really cute! (a pinterest-inspired idea!)
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