To leather or to pleather?

There’s quite a bit of leather/pleather/vegan leather/various other leather lookalikes everywhere this season, in pretty much every form you can imagine. I’ve found myself craving leather in basically all of those forms, and have been doing a bit of hunting accordingly. In the search I’ve run into a bit of a quandary, however: leather or pleather?

The most obvious answer is that actual leather, with its buttery texture (and non-plastic existence), is far superior. But is it? The price tag would certainly have you think so, but given that there’s such a price differential – with the whole animal-friendly vs. anything-but-animal-friendly aspect to boot – isn’t fake leather worth some consideration?

Sure, the ’80s would have us believe that fake leather in any form, with it’s plasticky, rubbery texture reminiscent of films made in the San Fernando Valley is hardly something we’d want to put up against our skin, but lately I’ve started to wonder – if they can get so good at making fake burgers, fake bacon, fake fur, fake everything, why shouldn’t fake leather be improving all the while? I’d say we should investigate.


14 thoughts on “To leather or to pleather?

  1. I’ve always been a pleather buyer when it comes to my “leather” jacket I purchase every fall…but this year I’ve been trying to decide whether genuine leather would be a better investment. Sometimes the pleather looks just as good as real leather!


  2. I bought my leather jacket in Argentina, the hand is divine, and the reminder on based on the fall trends and your blog to wear it was crucial! I am craving a brown one though, mine is ivory. Enjoyed seeing the other pieces, you’ve got my head spinning now 😉

  3. I have this thing that when it comes to “trendy” items like the flared leather skirts that are popular right now, I don’t mind buying pleather, because I just justify spending a lot of money. But when it comes to a classic piece like a jacket which can be carried from season to season, I’m all about the leather.
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  4. Some of the pleather that you show would be fine as far as I would be concerned, but I do love that first leather jacket more than the pleather one! I think for a trendy piece I would try a pleather first though!

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