Happy (Fall) Weekend

Happy Friday, lovelies. We’re heading down to the coast this afternoon for some much-needed shore time with friends, and while I don’t have much of an agenda planned for the weekend, I do know that there will be wine consumed outdoors, cause it’s been an awfully long week, and that it will be red, cause duh – it’s fall. One of fall’s few advantages over summer.

Speaking of fall – in light of a recent email exchange I had with friends regarding an email blast from Anthropologie pushing their boxes of seasonal decor, I resurrected this genius McSweeney’s piece on decorative gourd season. If you haven’t read it, read it. Now. But make sure you swallow that sip of coffee first. And get moving on that gourd display on your mantle.

Last year’s decorative gourd display is gonna be hard to beat.

16 thoughts on “Happy (Fall) Weekend

  1. sounds like a fabulous weekend planned!! i was hoping for fall-ish weather in CA but it will be back up to triple digits, summer doesn’t want to leave AT ALL!

  2. First, we could definitely hang because I agree with your reasoning behind the red wine! Second, I had never seen the McSweeney piece, and I literally laughed outloud when I read it (and proceeded to read it outloud to the others in the room!) . Awesome posting!

  3. Red wine, friends, and time at the coast… that sounds absolutely perfect. As far as that McSweeney piece, I have read it probably 20 times in the past, but I read it again tonight. It never fails to make me laugh to the point of tears (as opposed to almost peeing in my pants the first time I read it!) Thanks for sharing it and giving me a good laugh. xo- Amber

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