Black and Blue

Blank Denim vegan leather pants, H&M tank, J.Crew jean jacket, Isabel Marant Jenny boots, Mulberry oversized Alexa bag, traditional tartan scarf

Following my recent perusal of all things leather and pleather, I picked up these vegan leather (ok – just a nicer way of saying pleather) leggings/pants/whatever, and I have to say – they are actually quite comfortable, despite pleather’s reputation for being anything but. Given how chilly it’s gotten lately – it feels like January, no joke – I’m not sure I’m the best judge of breathability at the moment, but for now anyway: pleather, I am impressed.

Side note: I have had this jean jacket since 2001, possibly 2000. Nice work, J.Crew.



20 thoughts on “Black and Blue

  1. This is such a cute look for the “vegan leather”! I am still trying to decide if I could pull off wearing a pair, and this outfit is making me think I could!

  2. I love the leather leggings and jean jacket together!

    The wineries we went to were pretty good. Grove Winery in Greensboro was my favorite. You should definitely visit some of them 🙂


  3. Love the faux leather pants, Susie! And glad that you clarified the “vegan leather” thing up because I keep seeing that everywhere and was all like, “I don’t get it, aren’t cows fed a plant-based diet anyways?” haha anyways, love how you’ve had that jacket for so long also…wish I could find a great one at a thrift shop or something but it still hasn’t happened! :/
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