Sweater pleats

Zara heels, Urban Outfitters sweater (similar), Zara asymmetric skirt, Chloe sunglasses (similar), Zara jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse

I like to think that most of the things I own transition from season to season, but in reality, there’s not as much transitioning as I’d like – through not fault of the clothes themselves, but rather the ADD I start to experience after a while with anything in particular. I was getting dressed the other day, though, and had a thought – layer some cable-knit on almost anything and it’s completely different and automatically fall-weatherized. Given the ridiculous amount of wool I have leftover from my high school days in New England, this discovery is gonna make for a lot of experimenting (though the reemergence of some of this knitwear is likely to walk the line somewhere between super awesome and somewhat embarrassing).


19 thoughts on “Sweater pleats

  1. I’m in love with your skirt, it’s super whimsical. I find my clothes have a hard time transitioning to different seasons too. I’m much more of a fall spring person so when summer comes its hard for me to give up the layers.

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