It hasn’t exactly gotten cold here yet (save a two-day chilly spell a couple weeks ago), but it feels like it ought to be . Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about warm weather and I’ll take it whenever I can get it, but something about warmer temps well into what should be fall makes me nervous that Old Man Winter’s gonna sneak up out of nowhere and slap us with some seriously frigid weeks to come. So in preparation for that sneak attack, some cozy knitwear.

Clockwise, from upper left: Topshop knitted textured fluffy cardi, Topshop knitted fair isle skirt, Mango cable knit metalized sweater, Madewell colorblock bookmark sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs Ilona chunky-knit wool and cotton-blend beanie, Need Supply Co. honeycomb scarf, Cacharel laddered-knit sweater


13 thoughts on “Knit-picking

  1. Love your choices! I am hating that today is 80 something degrees and we’re at the end of Oct. I have a fear that winter is going to be cold, long, and snowy (but I’m also kind of excited about that). See you tonight?

  2. Some great picks – I was first in love with the Mango metalized sweater, then I also liked the Madewell colorblock, and of course that Cacharel sweater is to die for!

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