Weekend Details

With the birthday girl for dinner at August

Despite the impending doom of Frankenstorm, the past couple of days in New York were perfectly lovely. I spent the weekend with my longtime pals, eating, shopping and celebrating (a skill we have honed to a fine art over the years). Highlights of the weekend included dinner at August, which graciously hosted our boisterous crew with a family-style meal that was one of the best I’ve had in a while; a trip to the very strange but relaxing Russian bath house; and a stop at the gloriously overwhelming NYC Topshop, where it became evident yet again how good it is that Topshop does not exist in North Carolina.

And as with every time I go to the city, I am now thoroughly exhausted, but basking in the glow of good times with good friends.

basset hound salt and pepper shakers

The most adorable salt and pepper shakers at The Standard

Tasty beverages at Weather Up

delicate gold necklace with coral and aqua beading

A necklace I picked up at the UrbanSpace Meatpacking Market (by Marina Pecoraro)

Walking the High Line

A late-night view of the Empire State Building


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