Aritzia T.Babaton sweater with jeggings and booties

T.Babaton for Aritzia sweater, Seven for All Mankind jeans, Joe’s Jeans booties (similar), Gap wide-brim fedora

Everyone’s got a favorite color that they’ve had since about age 2 – mine’s blue (duh). The other day when I was getting dressed I found myself channeling 4-year-old tomboy Susie and embracing a single rule – the more blue, the better. I picked up this sweater this weekend when I stopped by the Aritzia in New York where the sales reps are very good at their jobsI’d hardly laid eyes on the sweater before I somehow was walking to the register with it (in the pile of other stuff that had somehow made its way into my arms). Can’t blame them – they know a sale when they see one.

split back sweater, Aritzia

aritzia sweater with jeans, blue split back sweater with jeans



14 thoughts on “Monochrome

  1. This sweater is such a great piece! By the way, I adore blue, too. It’s been my favourite colour for ages. They say the colour you choose reflects your personality and emotions in a way…. x

  2. Nice pictures…
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