San Francisco Scenes

legs out the window in Haight Ashbury

An interesting window display in Haight-Ashbury

I spent a little time in San Francisco before and after my recent trip to the Napa Valley, making sure to hit up some of my favorite spots in the city – Sushi Zone, a tiny 16-seat sushi restaurant that serves up inexpensive, delicious and creative rolls; the city’s East Beach near Crissy Field, with sweeping views of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge; and Tartine, a bakery in the Mission where I ate a pastry about the size of my face. I also checked out Tonga Room, a much-hyped tiki bar/restaurant that features regular indoor thunder showers above the full-sized pool in the center of the venue – strange, kitschy and touristy to be sure, but certainly intriguing and worth a stop.

But one of the things I love most about San Francisco is just walking around the city – despite the hills (which provide some great cardio), the city is super walkable and provides never-ending people-watching opportunities and views of the Bay.

View from Corona Heights Park in San Francisco's Ashbury Heights

Hiked up a ginormous hill in Ashbury Heights to get this shot

All grades of tropical beverages at the Tonga Room

One of the few places I don’t mind being in traffic

Freshness at my favorite sushi spot

Late afternoon at East Beach

Couldn’t resist a snap of this house in the Castro



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