Weekend Details

'90s Limited Too Outfit

Found this gem in a  box of old photos – evidence of my early ’90s obsession with all things Limited Too

Big news on my front – the dude and I are moving to San Francisco! My trip out to Northern California last weekend (which was totally coincidental, by the way) solidified my love for that part of the country, and when an opportunity popped up this week for us to move out there, we couldn’t refuse. We’re moving super fast – we leave in two weeks! – so right now I’m scrambling to sort through stuff/get things packed/see all the people I love before we take off. I spent this weekend sorting through boxes of old photos (note my sixth-grade awesomeness above) and other random stuff acquired over the years; next step, get it packed up.

We started piling up all the boxes we could find for our impending move – send your empties our way!

Happy woods-walking Milo/Sad bathing Milo

Sliced into a perfect avocado – don’t you love it when that happens?


17 thoughts on “Weekend Details

  1. Aww… Your dog looks so sweet – why do they always look so sad in a shower? Mine doesn’t really like it either, but adore blow-dries. 🙂
    The move sounds very exciting, hope it all goes well.


  2. That is very exciting about the move. You’ve got love when things just kind of fall into place like that.

    Your dog looks about as happy as mine when it is bath time, but she’d never hold still long enough to get a picture. I had another one once that loved to play in muddy water, but wanted nothing to do with clean bath water. Silly creatures they are.

    Hope everything goes smoothly with the move.

  3. Are you packing for a moving truck or are you truckin’ out there yourselves, or what. When I moved my parents stuff up from FL I went to Lowe’s and got a stack of medium and large shipping boxes and a roll of tape. They weren’t very expensive. Get it done and over with instead of heading to the ABC store and such. Told Elliott about your Land Rover. He’s thinking about it presently.

  4. a) Congrats on the big move, wish you both the best of luck!
    b) Limited Too was my DREAM STORE when I was younger. Ah, the ages of glitter polish, glitter ponies … glitter everything.


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