Week(end) Details

The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari

A 1939 Route 66 motel

I’ve been pretty slack about posting here the past week or so, but with good reason – I’ve been busy making my way (back) across the country for our move to San Francisco. It’s easy to forget how insanely ginormous this country is, but I was quickly reminded of that as we headed from North Carolina into Tennessee, across Arkansas, through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, and finally into California. We spent nights in Forrest City, Arkansas; Tucumcari, New Mexico; and Barstow, California before we finally made it up to Santa Cruz, where we’ll stay while we search for a place to live in San Francisco. I’m certainly happy to be here (and out of the car!) but I will say that there is something cool about cross-country road trips – it’s pretty awesome to see the terrain change from pine forests to mountains to plains to deserts to desert mountains – and I think it’s something of a rite of passage here in the states.

Blue Swallow Motel neon/Old school rules of the road

Remnants of an era gone by along Route 66

A leaning water tower in Texas/Trains passing through Arizona/California’s Mojave Desert

Windfarms in Southern California

Birds migrating through Oklahoma/Arizona desert rocks/Mojave sunset



21 thoughts on “Week(end) Details

  1. LOVE this post!! You are off on a grand adventure and I wish you and J only the best! We will miss you though….

    Please note my new email address and thanks!


  2. I love seeing these road trippin’ images. My hubby and I are planning a road trip up the coast of California and I’m so excited.

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (food, style, travel)

  3. The birds in formation almost look like they are forming the written word! Totally loving these American shots!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

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