Denim Sparkles


Zara Sequined Skirt with Madewell Denim Shirt

Zara sequined skirt (similar), Madewell chambray ex-boyfriend shirt, 80%20 Rina booties

One of the perks of our new apartment is the easy access to our building’s roof and the views of San Francisco (and beyond) from that vantage point – something I’ve been unaccustomed to as a non-city dweller for most of my life. Though we are most certainly still buried in a sea of boxes, the sea is becoming ever-so-slightly smaller, and the other night we took ourselves out on a welcome-to-the-city dinner date, heading up to the roof for some of those “whoa, we live here” moments beforehand.

Hoping by this weekend the sea will be more like a puddle, but that may be a bit optimistic – let’s just plan for something of a pond.

Zara Sequin Skirt with Denim Shirt – North Carolina Style Blogger




13 thoughts on “Denim Sparkles

  1. I bet you have some seriously amazing views of the city from that roof! I can’t wait to see pictures! I’m glad that you guys took some time for a date night this weekend- I know how hectic moving can be!! You look so pretty in that sequin skirt- and the chambray top was the perfect way to pair it 😉

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