(Long) Weekend Details

Snowy Dock at Lake Tahoe

Chilly dockwalking

To ring in 2013, I spent a few days up at Lake Tahoe with some of my oldest friends and extended West Coast family. Everything was covered in what seemed like several feet of snow (and I may or may not have unsuspectingly stepped into snow nearly up to my waist on more than one occasion), but time spent by the fire and in the hot tub kept things fairly cozy. I’m not a big skier – my tendency to be accident prone coupled with my aversion to chilly weather usually dissuades me from such activities – but we did spend a very glorious afternoon sledding. Despite a few casualties (namely lost hats, bonked noggins and snow in the pants), it was a complete blast, and the majority 5- to 11-year-old crowd seemed to be pretty entertained by our presence.

How was your 2013 celebration?

Fireside lounging

Fireside lounging

Sledding at Lake Tahoe

Sledding is obviously best when done with loud hats

Sledding at Lake Tahoe

A sledding winter wonderland

A tasty yet simple New Year's Eve punch

A tasty yet simple New Year’s Eve punch

Icicles at Lake Tahoe

Watch out for falling icicles


9 thoughts on “(Long) Weekend Details

  1. Look at that snow! Sounds like a good time! My ringing-in-the-new-year wasn’t much of a celebration – everyone went to bed early actually, because we all had to get up early the next day, haha

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