Snow Boots

My foray into snowy territory this weekend enlightened me as to the importance of appropriate footwear in serious weather situations. There’s little less comfortable than a shoe filled with snow and soaked through in 20-degree weather, and while it would be nice to believe the assumptions encouraged by the tantalizing resort gear lining the shelves right about now, it is in fact still January, and there’s still a good bit of snow covering a wide swath of this country and beyond. So while it’s not quite spring, let’s at least be comfortable (and cute while we’re at it).

A variety of stylish snow bootsClockwise, from upper left: Hunter Adlay Shearling Boots, Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots, Chloe Canvas and Leather Wedge Ankle Boots, Pajar Tall Lace-Up Cold Weather Boots, Tretorn Aspelina Boots, Sperry Top-Sider for J.Crew Short Shearwater Boots


14 thoughts on “Snow Boots

  1. Growing up in NY, I can definitely appreciate this post. I have a nice pair of Columbia boots I got in highschool and don’t really leave home without them when I’m there. Love that Hunter pair!

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