Winter Sale Finds

Not trying to be a wet blanket, but January is pretty much the lamest of all months. The holidays are over, New Year’s resolutions have got us feeling guilty about any and all things fun and spring is nowhere in sight. There is one redeeming bright spot to this oh-so-cold month, however – all those things you’ve been eying all fall (but that Santa didn’t get the memo on) are now on serious sale, so it’s an excellent time for a little To: Me, Love: Me present action. And the best part? No thank you notes.

Winter Sale Finds – San Francisco Style Blogger

Clockwise, from upper left: Club Monaco Reva Coat, Anthropologie Vanward Enamel Ring, Super Paloma Sunglasses, Madewell Fair Isle Sweater Skirt, Topshop Star Velvet Skater DressLD Tuttle for VPL Two-Tone Booties, Madewell Goldrush Jean Jacket, Clare Vivier Mini Bag, Topshop Green Shirt Dress


16 thoughts on “Winter Sale Finds

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on January. It’s a dismal, grey, cold month that I wish would hurry one by. While I like (and would love to wear) each one of the pieces you shared, there’s something fabulous about that green shirt dress. Love it.

  2. Susie: Your January may be dullsville, but mine is chock full of sports. Pro, College — football, basketball. And golf is still airing. Soon stock car racing – Daytona- Every night I have a line up. So, if I subscribed to a 10th of the available sports channels I’d never get to the computer to see seaandswank. I especially took a liking to the Arrapaho loin cloth. Enjoy your time out on the west coast. Felt any trembling, yet?

  3. The star velvet dress is stunning, I’ve seen the black version and it’s just as amazing. You’ve found some awesome items- the skirt is adorable too.

    Thank you for dropping by and your sweet comment btw 😀

  4. January is usually the worst month for me; the holiday cheer is gone, which is why I’ve still left my tree up, ha! But sales are a huge, huge plus; who needs Christmas when you’ve got the internet 😉

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