Vacation Longing

Palm Trees in Rincon Puerto Rico

Like clockwork, I start seriously craving travels to tropical locales about this time every year. In recent years I’ve been able to satiate that desire (as I’ll sacrifice just about anything for a trip to a faraway warm land), but this year our cross-country move prevented any such travels. And given that earlier this week temps on the West Coast got pretty frosty – yes, there was actually some frost in SF – I’ve got the travel bug now more than ever.

I’ll have to settle for a little roof-lounging in mid-60s sunshine over the weekend, but to those of you who are lucky enough to be heading off somewhere sultry, bon voyage!

What to pack for a tropical vacation
Clockwise, from upper left: Super Gals Sunglasses, Topshop Latte Fringed Maxi Cover Up, Volcom Embrace the Tote, Zimmerman Ruffled Strapless Americana Bikini, Anthropologie Variance Floppy Hat, J Brand Deconstructed Cutoffs, Madewell Slingback Boardwalk Sandals


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