Weekend Details

weathered beach signs

Seaside signs in Half Moon Bay

Sometimes I feel like I should’ve never aged out of summer camp. I was one of those kids who couldn’t get enough of the hours chock full of sailing, horseback riding, soccer, arts and crafts, talent shows, what have you – and to this day I find myself treating weekends as days to be filled with scheduled activities. The Bay Area is pretty conducive to these tendencies, seeing as there’s no shortage of things to do and the weather’s pretty friendly year round (sorry, East Coast – I hear it’s pretty rough outside right now). Taking full advantage of that, we headed down to Half Moon Bay (home of the very famous and very ginormous Mavericks surf break) for some seaside hiking and outdoor beer drinking on Saturday, driving north back up the Pacific Coast Highway just as the sun was beginning to set.

To thwart the possible onset of boredom on unplanned Sunday, the activity continued with a trip to the downtown farmers’ market, a run through the park with Milo (I have discovered that running in San Francisco on weekends is like competing in a giant road race – settle down, dudes in tights), and a visit to a very windy Ocean Beach.

And now, rest?

Half Moon Bay scenes

Half Moon Bay scenes

cappuccinos and eggs

Ingredients for a lovely Sunday morning

Kiteboarders at Ocean Beach/Ominous warnings/My favorite boys

Kiteboarders at Ocean Beach/Ominous warnings/My favorite boys


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